Dear Customer,
Before you fill out the RMA request form, please give priority to call technical assistance or RMA department, let us first determine the problem you encounter, maybe you can eliminate the situation on the phone to reduce the cost and time incurred for the delivery of maintenance items.

Please Call Technical Support & RMA First Before You Fill the RMA Request Form

USA Support Center INDIA Support Center
Technical Support  Technical Support 
Phone: +1-510-226-1800 Ext 136
Phone: +91-44-22771271 Ext 102
RMA Department   
Phone: +1-510-226-1800 Ext 113

Download RMA Request Form
  1. Call Tech Support or RMA First 
  2. Fill out the RMA Request Form 
  3. Email RMA Request Form to:



RMA Time Policy

  • RMA will generate an RMA number to the customer within 24 hours after acknowledgement.
  • Every RMA number will expire after 30 days of the issued date.
    • Any RMA unit that exceeds the expiration date and gets shipped in, it will be rejected and sent back.
  • RMA has 10 business days to complete the RMA unit after it has been shipped in and started analysis for under warranty units.
  • Quotes are valid for 30 days if the distributor waits for the end customer included.
  • Turn around for out of warranty is 2 weeks after PO or payment is received.
  • For credit return units RMA has 10 business days to complete evaluation and paperwork and 5 business days to close all paperwork for a total of 15 business days.
  • Any credit or evaluation unit must be returned before 30 days or 120 days of the evaluation date (approval needed or extension form).
  • Any DOA unit must be reported within 30 days.
  • Any DOA-R unit must be reported within 14 days.
  • Any cross-ship unit is eligible within factory warranty.
  • Customers must return any cross-ship unit within 30 days of the cross-ship unit shipped.