Pharmaceutical and Biotech Manufacturing, and GMP Environment: ARISTA provides NEMA 4X / IP66 and UL C1D2 products with Touch Screen and Stainless Steel for the Cleanroom and HMI Station

ARISTA Corporation has developed a broad range of products for the pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing. No matter batch manufacturing process or continuous manufacturing processes, such as API synthesis, crystallization, blending, granulation, tablet press and coating, you will find ARISTA has all computing platforms for either manufacturing process automation or KPI visualization in every process in the cleanroom and HMI station. ARISTA computer and display solutions are built with SS316L NEMA 4X/IP66 stainless steel enclosure to meet the highest hygiene requirements in pharmaceutical and biotech industries.




Operator Workstations



ARISTA Mobile Operator Workstation and Computing Cart with Wi-Fi function, which allows wireless communication in all corners of the Cleanroom and Laboratory


ARISTA NEMA 4X / IP66 stainless steel mobile workstations with touchscreens are 21.5-inch AMW-1321AX by computing cart style, 1 x 21.5-inch AMW-1121AX and 2 x 19-inch AMW-2219AX with fully enclosure, which solve one of the most important problems is true mobility. Because other mobile workstations require a plugged power source to operate, they need to be unplugged when moving from station to station and are therefore rendered inoperable. ARISTA Mobile Operator Workstation can move seamlessly on its four casters to each product without the hassle of plugging into a power source at each destination due to its powerful 1024 W/h lithium-ion battery. In addition to being battery-operated, they have wireless communication through 802.11n WiFi capabilities. They make completely wireless and completely mobile. ARISTA has redefined workstation mobility and you can see more contribution in the following AMW-1321AX and AMW-2318AX videos.



Industrial Displays



ARISTA Waterproof Remote Touch Screen Monitors are ideal for the HMI/UI Station and KPI Visualization



Customers in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech industry rely on HMI/UI Station or KPI Visualization for the serialization and accurate output information to maximize production planning. Such as the output of real-time information for production targets, equipment downtime, and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) represent the most important KPI (Key Performance Indicator) data to be viewed in real time during manufacturing. The KPI visualization dashboard has been deployed throughout clean room, every manufacturing process line, and GMP environment with increased sanitizing or hygiene standards.

ARISTA offers NEMA 4X / IP65 stainless steel Waterproof Remote Touch Screen Monitors/Displays make one’s HMI/UI or KPI display station ideally positioned in any location—the wall recessed 55-inch ADM-2155BP let you master the full information from your production, and the 15-inch to 42-inch ADM-AX Series can meet every space requirement.



Industrial Panel PCs



ARISTA UL C1D2 Touch Screen Panel PC can Prevent Combustible Dust Explosion in the API Stage and Hazardous Areas


Explosion proof panel computers can prevent the explosion caused by flammable or chemical substances floating in the air, which is especially desirable in the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) stage of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Arista offers 21.5-inch ARP-3821AX with Projected Capacitive touch screen, and ARP-5500AX series—15-inch ARP-5515AX, 17-inch ARP-5517AX, and 19-inch ARP-5519AX with 5-wire Resistive touch screen both have UL Class 1 Division 2 explosion proof certification.

All models have Intel Atom or Core i series CPU processor, and are integrated with NEMA 4X / IP66 enclosure which meets waterproof requirements. The chassis is designed to avoid the equipment from being soaked or corroded by cleansers or disinfectants during the cleaning in cleanroom. Or work areas have contact with hygienical, antibacterial agents and sanitizers, such as the mild acid or alkaline: LoHse, Bleach, Lysol, LoHst, Roccal II, esphene IIse, Spor-Klenz, etc.



Industrial Extenders



ARISTA KVM Series has Connections in Greater Distance between the Control room and Cleanroom


ARISTA KVM Workstation (keyboard, video, mouse) with NEMA 4X / IP66 waterproof stainless steel enclosure has a built-in receiver. You can transmit the HDMI, USB, and power sources via transmitter to the remote display and KVM up to 330 feet (100 meters) away through a single CAT 5e/6 cable. It is suitable for areas where displays and computers must be in different locations with greater distance, such as control room applications in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, harsh manufacturing environments, and various production lines. ARISTA AMA-2121AX-KVM and AMA-7421AX-KVM provide a connection greater than the HDMI’s 15 meters limit, keep the picture quality clear and require only simple wiring.



ARISTA Developments

Truly Mobile Operator Workstation and Cart

Industry 4.0 is putting pressure on every sector to compete aggressively by accelerating their processes and advancing their core technologies to keep up with the competition. This creates a serious issue for resource-intensive fields like pharmaceutical and biotech research, development, and manufacturing. It is critical that every technology, every process, and every tool is leveraged to maximum performance capability.   more

Multi Touch Screen Technology and HMI

Industrial multi touch screen panel PCs or monitors/displays can be tailored according to the regulations/requirements of different industry types. For example, for pharmaceuticals, research, and biotechnology productions, all materials are tested to withstand chemicals and cleaning agents. Moreover, wide-format touch screens are available with an option of antimicrobial and chemical resistance. In the case of industrial automation, screens are classified as per their zone, class, and division.   more

UL C1D2 Explosion Proof Industrial Panel PCs

With a focus on maintaining a completely safe industrial working environment, We provide ARISTA’s UL Class1 Division2 certified non-incendive, corrosion-resistant thin clients industrial panel PCs, touch sreen panel PCs, specifically designed to be used in chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage processing, cold storage, pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing, and another harsh industrial environment.   more



In the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, high reliability and stability are crucial. ARISTA‘s products guarantee a long product life cycle of 5-7 years, which allowing manufactures not to worry about revalidating the replacement in the critical manufacturing process.
ARISTA also has a Revision Control mechanism. In the event of a product design modification or part replacement takes place, we will notify our customers about the product revision and let them decide whether to conduct a test for the new version.
Our customers have high customization requirements, and ARISTA can provide small batch productions in varieties. We listen to the voices of customers and strive to meet their needs.



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