ARISTA, a global provider of the computing platform and KPI visualization for production automation in a variety of industries, is pleased to announce the availability of its KVM Extender Integrated Displays for industrial / manufacturing environments. The best HMI/UI solution available on the market for machine / equipment builders that simplifies cable harnessing and installation or to reach locations where conventional LCD display cannot achieve, the ARISTA KVM Extender Integrated Displays product line can be placed or installed up to 330 feet away from the computer with just one CAT 6 cable.

ARISTA’s KVM Extender Integrated Displays do not require a power cable, nor do they need VGA/HDMI display cables to be connected. All power, video, and USB signals are transmitted via a single CAT 6 cable—keeping the workspace clean and tidy.

ARISTA’s ADM-2121BP-00A, for example, has USB ports that can accommodate a keyboard and mouse to create a complete HMI/UI station. The ADM-2121BP-00A is shipped with an HDMI KVM transmitter, which is to be installed at the computer location. The HDMI video and USB ports of the computer are connected to the HDMI KVM transmitter. The HDMI video signal, USB, and power are transported via a single CAT 6 cable to ARISTA’s Extender Integrated Display, such as the ADM-2121BP-00A, which can be located up to 330 feet away. This arrangement greatly simplifies both the cable harness and installation—making one’s HMI/UI station ideally positioned and in a safe location for the operator.

The ARISTA ADM-2121BP-00A KVM Extender Integrated Display features a 21.5-inch LCD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, offers Project Capacitive Touch Screen support with up to 10 points multi-touch, along with USB ports for a keyboard, mouse, and other USB devices. This display is a true one-cable solution for KVM display connectivity—facilitating the convergent delivery of uncompressed high-definition video, Ethernet control, USB 2.0, and power over a single LAN (CAT 6 or above) cable. CAT 6 LAN cables feature a locking connector and can be field-terminated, minimizing both costs and complexity while allowing for easy system expansion. Used with the ADM-2121BP-00A, the result is an easy-to-install video terminal solution. 

Paul Shu, President of Arista Corporation, commented on the company’s KVM Extender Integrated Displays, “ARISTA’s KVM Extender Integrated Displays make an excellent choice for a wide range of industrial applications. Since the ADM-2121BP-00A does not have ventilation holes, its dust-tie design is perfect for manufacturing environments, production lines, and other harsh, dusty spaces. The ADM-2121BP-00A enables the computing platform to be separated from the front line and, thus, housed at a more secure and environmentally controlled location that is better suited to computer systems.”

For more information about ARISTA’s KVM Extender Integrated Displays, go to Products | ARISTA – Industrial Computers ( For pricing and availability, please contact ARISTA Corporation at (510) 226-1800.

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