ARISTA's PoE products offer cost savings, centralized power management, and scalability to meet your needs

Arista’s PoE powered industrial computers can be placed and installed anywhere where power source is not readily available. It only requires one CAT 5e cable to supply both power and data. The installation does not require scheduling a certified electrical technician for installation.

Per IEEE standards, PoE is injected into a cable at voltage between 44 and 57V DC, typically 48V DC. Typically, anything less than 35V AC or 60V DC is considered safety extra low voltage (SELV). PoE automatically stops power current flows if there is a service interruption.

Reduced Installation Costs
With a single cable delivering both power and data simultaneously, PoE installation costs are less than the cost of traditional installation cost.

Easy to install
With a single CAT5e cable delivering both power and data simultaneously, it eliminates the requirements of laying out power cables.

Traditionally, deploying new industrial computing equipments across manufacturing sites is expensive and time-consuming due to how challenging it can be to adjust the existing power layout architecture. Arista’s PoE powered industrial computers gives the scalability of deployment by adding CAT5e cables to the locations where the computer equipments to be located.


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