Arista's Q8 Web-Based Client: Enabling Remote Monitoring and Control with HMI

Today’s Web Server technology has enabled web browser to be used to access machine interface screens for PLC,RTU, controllers and to view SCADA systems. Newer PLC’s and RTU’s frequently incorporate web servers that allow diagnostics and monitoring via user web browsers. Web-enabled SCADA hosts enable users to remotely monitor, control remote sites via a web browser.
Arista’s Q8 Web-Based Client computers are designed to act as Human Machine Interface to the Web-enabled devices, like IP Camera, Web-enabled PLC, Web-based HMI/SCADA systems, which contain embedded software that you can monitor and control remotely, in real-time, from the TCP/IP connection.
Arista’s Q8 Edge Web-Based Client has built-in interface for assigning Web link to connect. The built-in browser will be launched with assigned Web link automatically after power on or reboot.


Product Features


  • Intuitive initial Setup, 1-2-3-4 steps
  • Designed for hybrid Web applications and Remote Desktop applications
  • Support multiple RDS applications and Web applications in a single screen (split-screen)
  • Support multi-monitors
  • Support Clone / Duplicate screens
  • Support Remote Control
  • Support local OS update

Initial Setup as easy as 1234
The initial Setup is easy as 1234, setup IP address (DHCP or Static), create RDS or Web link, setup monitor resolutions and screen layout, assign RDS or Web link to the screen. It is ready to connect to assigned applications and will display the assigned applications after power on.

Split Screens
Multiple RDS and Web-based applications provisions can be assigned to each single screen. The applications can be displayed one by one by toggling hot key or all applications will be displayed by split screen.

Hybrid RDS and Web-based applications
Hybrid RDS and Web-based applications provisions can be created. It will launch Remote Desktop and Webbased applications simultaneously.

Disable / Enable USB Drive
For data security, the USB drive function is disabled automatically after the system boot up. No external USB drive can be used to download or upload data.

With multiple-monitors capable hardware, each monitor screen can display assigned applications. In Control Room applications.

Remote Control
Q8 Edge provides secured remote control. It allows remote mirror interactively. Administrator can login with password, to view and do just like mirror the Q8 Edge to other unit.

Clone / Duplicate Screens
Q8 Edge supports Clone / Duplicate screens and dual touch screens.

Local OS Update
The new OS file can be loaded in the USB drive. OS will be updated before loading the operating system.


Product Specifications


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Industrial Web Client Computers Brochure