Innovative options for mounting can help to maximize usable space and productivity in cramped facilities

ARISTA ARP-3821AX can be extended to installation mounting options including benchtop, wall mounts, top mounts, and pedestal mounts. In tight hallways, for example, the workstation with a 360° pendant arm allows operators to adjust the angle of the screen. Such offerings provide superior ergonomics so operators can work for extended periods of time.


Flexible Stainless-steel Pendant Arms for worldwide industrial manufacturing

These arms are ideal support accessories for HMI systems. They feature a waterproof rating and ergonomic design, making them easy to clean and quick to set up. ARISTA pendant arms allow you to adjust the operation angle of the touchscreen display with ease. You can have versatile mounting solutions depending on your surface. XMM-001-AX01 is the top mounting fixation for horizontal arrangement, such as an HMI display and the top of floor type machine. The other wall mounting fixation is XWM-005-AX01 for vertical arrangement.


Machine Top Pendent Arm



Wall Mount Pendent Arm



Foldable bracket, install wall or pedestal mounts to suit specific space requirements

A variety of innovative space-saving options can help the industry make the most effective use of virtually every square inch of usable space for computing and data analytics platforms, including production areas and cleanrooms. Depending on the available space, wall and pedestal mounts can all play a role in better utilizing certain pharmaceutical facility configurations. The wall mounts come in several types and configurations, including fixed and adjustable height. Computing systems can be mounted to walls using a VESA Mounting Interface. With a floormounted pedestal mount, the workstation is situated on a compact platform supported by a stainless-steel column that occupies very little space.


Wall Mount Foldable Keyboard



Wall Mount



Wall Mount Adjustable Height



Pedestal Mount





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