Computing Platforms & KPI Visualization

ARISTA has developed a broad range of products for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Whether it is a batch or a continuous manufacturing process, such as API synthesis, crystallization, blending, granulation, tablet compression, or capsule coating, ARISTA has the automated process computing platforms for the cleanroom and controlroom. Customers rely on HMI stations or KPI visualizations that provide accurate output information to maximize production planning. The output of real-time information for production targets, equipment downtime, and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) represents the most important KPI (Key Performance Indicator) data to be viewed in real time during manufacturing. The KPI visualization dashboard has been deployed throughout the clean room, every manufacturing process line, and GMP environment with increased sanitizing or hygiene standards.


ARlSTA Dedicates Product Categories to Worldwide Customers

For more than 10 years, ARISTA has had a strong track record and capability to customize products to meet exacting specifications and requirements at an affordable price and quick time to market. ARISTA provides off-the-shelf, full turnkey integration services, custom ODM OEM design and development services. Its computing and display solutions are built with SS316L NEMA4X and IP66 stainless steel enclosures to meet the highest hygiene requirements.

Operator Workstations

ARISTA mobile workstations share a unique feature, that is having the interior room to hold a 1024Ah high-capacity lithium battery, allowing you to work anywhere uninterruptedly. ARISTA mobile workstation models provide the WiFi function, allow wireless communication in all corners of the laboratory, clean room, and factory. Also, there is a barcode scanner holder to the either side of the workstation to accommodate right or left- handed operation, which makes it convenient when you scan a barcode to verify or identify materials and other items. Some of our models even have space for a label printer. So you can scan the bar code and print out a label immediately. This design will improve your work efficiency. ARISTA provides diverse installation mounting options according to the different needs of customers, including benchtop, wall mount, wall-recessed, ceiling mount, VESA mount, and pedestal mount types. We also offer a highly flexible stainless steel pendant arm design for space saving utilization. The 360° double-joint(single-screen) and triple-joint (dual-screen) designs make the wall flush installation, folding, and retracting of the workstation easy tasks, and they are great for installations in the hallway or to make the best use of limited space.

Industrial Panel PCs

The ARISTA UL Class 1 Division 2 explosion-proof panel PC series comes in two kinds: one with projected ca pacitive and the other with 5-wire resistive touch screen. It can prevent explosions caused by flammable or chemical substances floating in the air, which is especially desirable in the API (Active Pharmaceutical lngredi ent) stage of the pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing process. All models have Intel Atom or Core i series CPU processor options and various LCD display sizes ranging from 15 inches to 55 inches, which are integrated with NEMA 4X / IP66 waterproof enclosure. The chassis is de signed to avoid equipment from being soaked or corroded by cleansers or disinfectants during cleaning in clean room environments where work areas have contact with hygienical, antibacterial agents and sanitizers such as mild acid or alkaline: LoHse, Bleach, Lysol, LoHst, Roccal II, esphene Ilse, Spor-Klenz, etc.

Industrial Displays and Industrial Extenders

The NEMA 4X/IP66 waterproof remote touch screen monitors and KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) series has a built-in receiver. You can transmit the HDMI, USB, and power sources via transmitter to the monitor and KVM up to 330 feet (100 meters) away through a single CAT 5e/6 cable while maintaining high quality display. This series is suitable for control room applications in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and various other industries.

The 15-inch to 55-inch touch displays can be powered by the ARISTA transmitter that is shipped with KVM. They provide a connection greater than HDMI’s 15 meter limit, keep the picture quality clear, and require only simple wiring.

Industrial Peripherals

ARISTA offers a wall-mount option called XWM-KB-11 SC-02, which is a hinged keyboard support stand with a sliding brace release for tight spaces. These features are designed to optimize space-constrained areas and include a waterproof rating, foldable and sturdy structures, and a rubber keyboard with 104 keys and touch pad. The keyboard and bracket combo folds back almost flat against the wall when not in use. It is an essential device in the pharma production line that requires high hygiene and space efficiency standards.


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