Arista launches the Flexible Stainless-steel Pendant Arm XWM-005 for worldwide clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing, food and beverage industry, GMP environment, and hazardous locations.

XWM-005 is an ideal support accessory for HMI systems and cleanrooms. Its three components can configure versatile mounting solutions for the vertical and horizontal surface. The entire arm is waterproof rating and ergonomic design. Easily cleansing, swiftly setting up, XWM-005 can be adjusted the operation angle of touchscreen display by smoothly rotating as well.



Componenets and Configurations

XWM-005 components configure various mounting solutions for your environmental needs. Three ways depends on your surface:

  • Wall mounting configuration has 2 base brackets, 2 swivel couplings and 1 U-tube.
    The ends of U-tube with base brackets that is for the vertical arrangement such as an HMI display and wall.

  • 2-way-fixation has 1 base bracket, 2 swivel couplings and 1 U-tube.
    This configuration is for the vertical and horizontal arrangement. One end of U-tube with a base bracket fixes the HMI display back; the other with a swivel coupling mounts the floor type machine top.

  • Top mounting configuration has 2 swivel couplings and 1 U-tube.
    The ends of U-tube with swivel couplings that is for the horizontal arrangement, such as the top of HMI display and floor type machine.

More spec dteails, dimension 2D drawing, and how to set up you can see by downloading the flyer, and your inquiry is welcomed with the sales contact form.