Industrial grade terminal optimized for use in laboratories, clean rooms,
factories, and similar environments

Feb 26, 2021

ARISTA, a global provider of the computing platform and KPI visualization for production automation in a variety of industries, is pleased to announce the AMW-1321AX Mobile Operator Workstation. An invaluable mobile computing solution for use in laboratories, clean rooms, manufacturing, and similar environments, the ARISTA AMW-1321AX is specifically designed to provide optimum computing capability in a format that is rugged while providing maximum flexibility in environments that require cleanliness, such as pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturing.
Designed for use with the Microsoft Windows® operating system, ARISTA’s AMW-1321AX is a comprehensive, Wi-Fi enabled workstation on wheels and features an internal heavy duty, long-lasting, re-chargeable battery that makes it completely mobile. This results in no cables to be disconnected, managed, and reconnected, along with no break in any live and/or critical connections to re-establish—saving time and significantly increasing workplace productivity.
With a native resolution at 1920 x 1080, the ARISTA AMW-1321AX incorporates a 21.5-inch Active Matrix TFT LCD Display with touch screen capability and intuitive icons for easy and safe operation. This benefits both users and software developers, who find the familiar smartphone-like, touch-screen process to be friendly and intuitive. At the workstation’s core is the choice of an Intel ATOM CPU or an Intel 6th Gen Core-I CPU, resulting in robust computing capability for a wide range of applications. The system can be outfitted with up to 8GB DDR3 or 16GB DDR4 SO-DIMM memory. Completing the end user interface, the system ships with a waterproof keyboard and pointing device.
The ARISTA AMW-1321AX re-defines workplace functionality. As a battery powered, Wi-Fi-enabled system, it can operated while being moved about the workplace. With its heavy duty, lockable wheels and all metal enclosure, the system is designed to withstand the rigors of the manufacturing environment. Most significantly, the AMW-1321AX can do everything a stationary system can, while reducing both infrastructure cost and deployment complexity compared to a traditional desk-based system.
Paul Shu, President of Arista Corporation, commented on the AMW-1321AX Mobile Operator Workstation, “The AMW-1321AX offers all the capability of a traditional desktop computer, but with the mobility and form factor that makes it far better suited to a variety of manufacturing environments. With the availability of three keyboards, a ThinManager Ready Version, and a variety of customization options, I’m confident our approach to computing in manufacturing and similar environments will be well received.”
For more information about the entire line of ARISTA Mobile Operator Workstations, go to For pricing and availability, please contact ARISTA Corporation at (510) 226-1800.


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