Wall recessed, flush mount operator workstation designed for use in high traffic areas without occupying precious space
July 7, 2021

ARISTA Corporation, a global provider of the computing platform and KPI visualization for production automation in numerous industries, is pleased to announce that its AMA-7021AX Operator Terminal Workstation is proving to be an invaluable workstation solution for deployment in pharmaceutical production clean rooms. The wall recessed, flush mount operator workstation can readily be used in high traffic areas without occupying precious space.
As part of the company’s Operator Terminal Workstation product group, the AMA-7021AX incorporates a 21.5-inch LCD display featuring 1920 x 1080 FHD resolutions. Systems are available with either a 5-wire resistive option for those who prefer to activate the touch by pressure or a projective capacitive touch option for use in areas where latex gloves are frequently worn.
The AMA-7021AX Operator Terminal Workstation’s predefined wall cutout and support frame drawings are intended to expedite system installation.  Expedited installation and maintenance requirements are priority concerns among many pharmaceutical companies that are focused on the ability to expand, retool, and streamline their operations.
ARISTA’s AMA-7021AX Operator Terminal Workstation is available in two configurations: a ThinManager Ready version outfitted with an Intel E3845 1.91GHz ATOM CPU and a Windows 10 setup that incorporates an Intel i7-6600U CPU with up to 16GB of DDR4 memory. Both configurations are available with three different keyboard options to meet various operation and sterilization requirements. Equally notable, ARISTA's AMA-7021AX can be configured to operate at either 24VDC input or 110/220VAC input.
Paul Shu, President of ARISTA Corporation, commented on the company’s AMA-7021AX Operator Terminal Workstation, “With its ability to meet NEMA 4X / IP66 Protection Requirements and its stainless steel, fully closed enclosure, the AMA-7021AX is an excellent choice for use in pharmaceutical production clean rooms. With a choice of three waterproof keyboard options and a waterproof pointing device, this computer system is optimized for the most demanding environments where space is at a premium. I’m confident production floor managers will find much to like.”
To learn more about the ARISTA AMA-7021AX Operator Terminal Workstation, please go to https://www.aristaipc.com/product_d.php?lang=en&tb=1&id=436 or call ARISTA Corporation at (510) 226-1800.


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