Fifteen models improve content visibility and help increase operational efficiency

June 16, 2021

ARISTA Corporation, a global provider of the computing platform and KPI visualization for production automation in numerous industries, is pleased to announce the availability of its Sunlight Readable Displays for Industrial Operator Interface Terminals in high ambient illumination production environments. With fifteen models to choose from, the ARISTA Sunlight Readable Displays make an excellent choice for reducing the challenges of reading a computer terminal in such areas and significantly aid in maintaining production efficiency.

Operator Interface Terminals (OITs) proliferate on many plant floors, as they are proven tools with added features and functionality that can dramatically help increase the efficiency and precision of operations. In those production floor areas with high ambient illumination, content visibility and contrast are reduced, which in many cases leads to an unpleasant viewing experience that can negatively impact operational efficiency.

ARISTA has added a Very High Brightness (VHB) option to its panel mount LCD display touch monitors. With enhanced backlighting, the brightness of the display is increased by as much as 1,000 nits. This enhanced brightness makes the LCD display touch monitor an excellent choice for use on production floor areas with high levels of ambient lighting, such as environments using halogen or fluorescent lights.

ARISTA’s Sunlight Readable Displays are available in screen sizes ranging from 10.4-inches up to 24-inches—with screen resolutions ranging from 800 x 600 to 1920 x 1080. These extremely bright LCD display touch monitors provide an easier-to-read, sharper, more vibrant screen—dramatically improving one’s ability to view content. Depending upon the model, these touchscreens provide a 5-wire resistive option for use in production environments where the use of heavy-duty gloves is common, while other models offer a projective capacitive touch option for use in areas where latex gloves are frequently worn.

Paul Shu, President of ARISTA Corporation, commented on the company’s Sunlight Readable Displays, “Computer terminals are a mainstay of many production environments, but in areas with high ambient lighting, it can be a real challenge to clearly see what’s on the screen. This lack of clear visibility can easily result in decreased production efficiency. With fifteen ARISTA Sunlight Readable Displays to choose from, I’m confident production floor managers can find the ideal display for their requirements.”
To learn more about the ARISTA Sunlight Readable Displays, please go to or call ARISTA Corporation at (510) 226-1800.


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