Both models ship with KVM receivers

May 7, 2021

ARISTA, a global provider of the computing platform and KPI visualization for production automation in numerous industries, offers key production solutions for the Pharmaceutical / Biotech industry by way of its ADM-5842AX and ADM-2121AX KVM Extender Integrated Displays. Customers in the Pharmaceutical / Biotech industry rely on the serialization and accurate output of information to maximize production planning. The output of real-time information for production targets, equipment downtime, and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) represent the most important KPI (Key Performance Indicator) data to be viewed in real time during manufacturing. The KPI visualization dashboard has been deployed throughout every manufacturing process in this industry. ARISTA’s ADM-5842AX and ADM-2121AX KVM Extender Integrated Displays address the challenges of displaying the KPI information generated by computers located away from the process lines and clean rooms.
ARISTA’s KVM Extender Integrated Displays have been deployed broadly in the Pharmaceutical / Biotech industry for KPI dashboard displays. The ARISTA ADM-5842AX is a 42-inch stainless steel waterproof display that meets IP65 environmental protection requirements. Because this is a large format display, it has proven itself ideal at locations where reviewing OEE data and group collaboration takes place. Similarly, the ARISTA ADM-2121AX is a 21.5-inch stainless steel waterproof display that meets IP65 environmental protection requirements. It is frequently used as an overhead display among the process and packaging lines in clean rooms.
The ARISTA ADM-2121AX ships with a KVM receiver and is powered via a single CAT 6 cable with a local power source. No power supply is required when installing this display. Because of its size, the ARISTA ADM-5842AX 42-inch display does require a power supply. Like the smaller ADM-2121AX, it shows KPI information and processing data from any computer at any location from upwards of 330 feet away over a single CAT 6 /5e cable—greatly simplifying setup and operation in challenging environments.
ARISTA’s ADM-5842AX and ADM-2121AX Series rugged stainless steel waterproof remote displays have USB ports designed to accommodate a keyboard and mouse for the creation of a complete HMI/UI station. Each remote display is shipped with an HDMI KVM transmitter, which is to be installed at the computer location. The HDMI video and USB ports of the computer are connected to the HDMI KVM transmitter. The HDMI video signal, USB, and power are transported via a single CAT 5e/6 cable to the ARISTA remote display, which can be located up to 330 feet away. This arrangement greatly simplifies both the cable harness and installation—making one’s HMI/UI or KPI display station ideally positioned in any location.
Paul Shu, President of ARISTA Corporation, commented on the ARISTA ADM-5842AX and ADM-2121AX KVM Extender Integrated Displays, “ARISTA’s KVM Extender Integrated Displays help customers in the Pharmaceutical / Biotech industry to overcome a variety of installation challenges and bring all OEE information from any computer outside the clean rooms to the locations where the OEE data needs to be displayed and viewed in the clean rooms. I’m confident operation managers will find much to like with our displays.”
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